PLANUM — Scryptachain sidechain

Planum is an Open-source and permissionless Sidechain Layer that provides anyone with a clear interface with which to create, issue and track tokenized assets.

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Planum is accessible via the following link

Thanks to this layer parallel to the Scrypta blockchain it will be possible to issue your tokenized resource, store it, manage it and protect it using the same blockchain network as IdaNode Scrypta.

Any tokenized asset will have its independent life cycle in a secure sidechain level operating through the Scrypta blockchain, and in the future it can be exchanged with LYRA and all other tokens.

Tokenization Concept

Tokenizing a real asset means digitizing it on the blockchain. Planum is a simple tool, which allows the digitization and conversion of anything into a digital resource supply.

In this way the physical asset becomes “fungible”, it can be transferred, divided, stored or exchanged electronically between different people in a digital way.

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Investments of great value such as real estate, works of art such as collectibles or other types of assets that represent an economic value, due to different types of restrictions, are not accessible to all investors.

Tokenization via blockchain solves this problem, lowering investment barriers and favoring the introduction of new financial capital in the sector.

Some more relevant application fields could be:

  • Real estate investment market
  • Membership and subscription systems
  • Gaming industries
  • Fintech
  • Online ticketing
  • Payment system networks
  • Tokenization of sports teams and franchises
  • Issue of non-fungible tokens.

The whole process reduces territorial barriers by eliminating any intermediary, lowering the investment risk and improving the liquidity of tangible and intangible assets.

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