PHORE — Decentralized Marketplace and Synapse

Hi guys I want to introduce you to Phore,

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Phore is a project with great potential, a decentralized marketplace ready to be used by the masses to make purchases in complete privacy and confidentiality without multinationals being able to use user information to enrich themselves and send invasive advertising conditioning purchases.

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The team also works at Synapse, it will be a new blockchain capable of handling more than 100,000 transactions per second, exponentially improving all the limits of ethereum. But it does not stop there, thanks to the sharding technology it will be able to manage each transaction separately without ever being slow and above all while maintaining low commissions.

These conditions open up infinite uses and development possibilities for the DEFI sector as well.

do not miss this great opportunity, to get Synapse it will be necessary to have PHORE, no sales will be made but only a 100: 1 airdrop for all holders of $PHR

Phore is listed on the following exchanges:
CREX24 —
Stakecube —
Graviex —

Visit to learn more about Phore Blockchain, and follow us on our various social channels that include Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Bitcointalk, Reddit and Facebook.

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