Phore Blockchain — November in a nutshell

03/11/2020_ Phore featured on “Masternode Monday” by CryptoTube, check out the link below to see his analysis of Phore & Graphene!

19/11/2020_ Phore is featured in a ‘Top Altcoins for 2021’ video by Crypto Youtuber Melchionda Network; includes Marketplace review of the new Graphene project and Price considerations, check out his video to see why Phore is the first cryptocurrency on his list at:

21/11/2020_ The Phore trading competition on Crex24 is live!
Trade $PHR and Win $PHR
20 Prizes to be won!
Visit Crex24 and start trading!

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28/11/2020_ Welcome to Graphene…
-What is Graphene?
-A look at the Technology
Read a overview from the official Graphene medium account at

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‘How to get Graphene’ information and airdrop dates coming soon!
Graphene is about to be introduced to the world. Get ready!

stay tuned as this is just the beginning.

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