Phore Blockchain are glad to announce an AMA session with Blockchain Infinity

Dear Community,

The Phore Blockchain Team will host an AMA seesion with Blockchain Infinity. There will be for sure some great news and updates that you can’t miss. Join the AMA and make any questions you would like! Bellow you have all the details:

Date and Time: October 23 (11AM UTC)

Rewards: $100 PHR • 5 winners from twitter ($10 PHR each) • 5 winners from live segment ($10 PHR each)

Post your twitter questions Click here

Check Phore Blockchain official website

Rules for the AMA • Join: — Phore Blockchain Chat — Blockchain Infinity Chat — Blockchain Infinity Channel

  • Post only ONE message per round.
  • DON’T ask copy paste questions.
  • Read and follow all the rules. If you didn’t follow the rules you will not be rewarded.

Good luck and ask your best questions for Phore Blockchain!

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