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Hi guys,
this is a brief update on the developments of the Phore and Graphene projects and a way to better prepare for the coming months.

Decentralized Marketplace to earn BTC
Solid foundations that allow you to earn bitcoins in an innovative way, in fact, thanks to the decentralized marketplace available in desktop or web version, it will be possible to sell digital content and objects by requesting payment in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This allows everyone to be able to accumulate BTC without using expensive mining equipment.

Graphene Airdrop
But the thing that most eagerly awaits will be the release of Graphene, in fact the ways to get it are a reward for the Phore community. Only $PHR holders will be eligible for the $GFN token airdrop. Graphene has also contributed to the development of ETH 2.0, in fact the Ethereum 2.0 developers have already used the code of the new Phore team project.

Phore trading competition
The trading competition starts today on the Crex24 exchange, whoever wins will be able to receive rewards in Phore, good luck:

the next few months will be very interesting and I advise you to stay tuned to the main social communication tools of the Phore team.

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