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NIX’s trustless LPoS staking

Hi friends, today I want to talk about the NIX Platform project, it is a currency aimed at offering privacy to its users by providing decentralized and completely anonymous blockchain transactions. Thanks to atomic swaps and using the Ghost Protocol, the project is able to achieve and provide an anonymous and decentralized transfer of resources.

Like many projects now, NIX has also gone from proof of work to proof of stake, an update necessary to protect the blockchain through the use of ghost nodes and staking. A very interesting feature is that of being able to use the LPoS or Leased Proof of Stake system, where users can rent their coins to a merchant without losing control of their coins from their wallet. In fact, once a contract with a merchant has been set up, it can be interrupted at any time. The LPoS system does not provide that the wallet with coins is online 24/7 but everything takes place offline. Furthermore, there is not a minimum amount of NIX when it comes to passively staking. The reward amount is fixed at 2.5 NIX and those with a smaller stake will be chosen less frequently than those with a higher stake.

The project is in continuous development and I advise you to keep up to date by following their communication channels such as bitcointalk, discod or telegram and I invite you to read more about their website

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