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The Nervos network is a Multi-asset, Store of Value Blockchain, open source and based on two levels with the aim of solving the scalability trilemma. The main problem that afflicts the most well-known blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Nervos design offers a secure blockchain through mining proof of work and a scalable and economical ecosystem open to infinite uses in level 2.

CKB (Common Knowledge Base)

This is made possible thanks to the blockchain protocol called CKB (Common Knowledge Base), its role is to be the fuel of the entire ecosystem. CKB allows the storage of resources and the management of all the necessary contracts for the infinite possible configurations of different Level 2 protocols.


Nervos’ solution will allow the growth of decentralized finance without worries of congestion and commissions that exceed the value of the investment, thus offering greater accessibility by retail investors and at the same time a fast and secure experience for the end user and more advanced.
These breakthroughs are possible without having to give up the decentralization and conservation of resources, both of which are essential for DeFi applications.

The core features of CKB can be updated without permission from the developers. This allows you to support new level 2 innovations (such as zk-rollup) without requiring hard forks.

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Nervos’ in-depth view on DeFi can be found here:

Interoperability 2.0

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Nervos’ vision is to offer a universal tool to provide blockchain users with access to other networks directly from the wallets they use.

Nervos’ technology is compatible with existing standards, which means that users who want to move resources from one network to another, or use different blockchain-based apps, will no longer have to contend with multiple interfaces and identities. multiple.

Company co-founder Kevin Wang said he wants to reach users where they are instead of asking them to get used to new systems.

The Universal Passport has the features to initiate interoperability 2.0, allowing developers to build multi-chain applications on top of Nervos’ public blockchain infrastructure.

This past December, the Nervos team and Cointelegraph came together and held an event on “The Interoperability Conundrum and the Next Generation of Universal Applications.”

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