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The exponential growth in decentralized finance (DeFi) market capitalization from $ 686 million on January 1, 2020 to $ 15.6 billion just a year later, proves the interest is real.

MANTRA DAO is a platform community-governed for staking blockchain assets. Built on RioDeFi’s Polkadot parachain, it is capable of supporting cross-chain swaps, lending and staking. It raised $5.9 million and is pursuing the goal of making crowdfunding more decentralized to prevent excessive control from large investors.

The choice of Polkadot for a combination of its user-friendly interface bolted to a highly scalable blockchain that supports fast and cheap transactions. With MANTRA DAO, assets from numerous chains can be staked and used as collateral, opening the door to an array of borrowing and lending applications.

A single interface that manages a variety of resources including the native OM token. This is to simplify the multi-blockchain asset staking process and provide a single gateway for easier and more accessible DeFi management.

Decentralized Governance Model

The governance tokens represent the soul of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). These tokens give holders a democratic voice in the protocol and create a participatory model of distributed ownership that is impossible to achieve in traditional centralized organizations that lack the capacity for community governance.

In the long run, the price of Governance tokens will reflect the value the token creates through its governance system. Like other DAOs, OM token holders can influence the direction of the protocol by creating and voting on MANTRA DAO proposals. Finally, the community will determine how and by what number to set interest rates, inflation rates and grant awards. They will also choose which crypto assets to add to staking pools and collect new items for votes.


OM tokens earned with the stake can be used for governance and receive further rewards without having to give up their custody.

  • Max Supply: 888,888,888
  • Current Circulating Supply: 221,000,000
  • Foundation Grants: 111,111,111
  • Team & Advisors: 155,555,555
  • Institutional Investors: 80,000,000
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HODL and Stake your $OM in the new MANTRA DAO mobile app. The Android APK file is available on the website, which can be downloaded here. The mobile app will soon be available for Google Play and our iOS version will soon be released on the iOS App Store.

Support any ERC-20 token, MANTRA wallet is safe and non custodial. In addition to the stake, sending and receiving of assets, the functions of Governance, MANTRA POOL and ZENTEREST Lending will be integrated.

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The constant growth of ecosystems around Polkadot is an indication of interest in an accessible, cheap and fast solution, which is lacking on Ethereum.

Mantra DAO develop DeFi solutions for the masses that can accommodate millions of new investors.

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