Graphene Airdrop for Phore Owners

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Hi guys, as you already know the Phore team is working on a new project, called Graphene.

Graphene will be an ecosystem accessible to all thanks to the low fees that currently make it impossible to use ethereum-based liquidity platforms due to excessive transaction costs that often exceed the amount that users with limited financial resources can invest.

But Graphene is not limited to this, thanks to the sharding technology it will have the ability to process 100,000+ tps without slowing down the network and dividing all types of transactions into dedicated shards. This allows for very high scalability and an incredibly fast experience for the end user.

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As happened for Phore, the Graphene project will not have ICOs or other financing methods, on the contrary the team has decided to reward the trust that the community has placed in Phore by distributing $GFN coins for free to all $PHR holders.

Here you can see a demo of the wallet for the complete management of $GFN funds and soon the details regarding what will be one of the largest airdrops in the whole industry will be released:

Remember that you still have time to request your part of the airdrop, in fact $ PHR can be purchased at a decidedly undervalued price on these exchanges:
CREX24 —
Stakecube —
Graviex —

Visit to learn more about Phore Blockchain, and follow us on our various social channels that include Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Bitcointalk, Reddit and Facebook.

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