Cryptocurrencies offer many opportunities and there is no need to invest money, you just need to dedicate your time to earn them.

Use social platforms intelligently, $PHR Phore has started several tasks that you can find out here:

All these initiatives are aimed at increasing the decentralization of the project and disseminating information about Phore and the new Graphene project.

Un nuovo protocollo consente lo scambio atomico tra fiat e criptovaluta, consentendo di acquistare risorse digitali direttamente da un conto bancario in pochi minuti.

Un progetto di tecnologia blockchain open source ha lanciato uno smart contract che consente scambi atomici tra fiat e crypto.

Nimiq afferma che il protocollo OASIS significa che qualcuno che è completamente nuovo nel mondo delle criptovalute può creare un portafoglio auto-custodito e acquistare NIM e BTC direttamente dal proprio conto bancario in soli cinque minuti. Non è richiesta alcuna registrazione o installazione e le commissioni arrivano solo all’1,25%. …

Hello technology enthusiasts and visionaries, I have been following the Nimiq project very closely for months and I have found an incredible community and a very competent and forward-looking team.

Nimiq is a simple, secure and censorship resistant cryptocurrency and the team has done exemplary work in translating the complexity of a blockchain and making it truly accessible to everyone.

In this article I have explained how to get a wallet and even some free coins.

What I’m really excited about is the project and the huge use cases that OASIS technology will bring.

OASIS is Fiat in DeFi

The real news for the whole…

The exponential growth in decentralized finance (DeFi) market capitalization from $ 686 million on January 1, 2020 to $ 15.6 billion just a year later, proves the interest is real.

MANTRA DAO is a platform community-governed for staking blockchain assets. Built on RioDeFi’s Polkadot parachain, it is capable of supporting cross-chain swaps, lending and staking. It raised $5.9 million and is pursuing the goal of making crowdfunding more decentralized to prevent excessive control from large investors.

The choice of Polkadot for a combination of its user-friendly interface bolted to a highly scalable blockchain that supports fast and cheap transactions. …

Nimiq is a simple, secure, and censorship-resistant cryptocurrency that is unique to its browser-based blockchain and here I’ll walk you through how to set up a wallet and some methods to get some free coins.

Wallet Configuration:

the Nimiq wallet does not require the installation of any software and can be easily obtained at this address:

  1. Let’s start by creating a new account by following these simple instructions:

The Nervos network is a Multi-asset, Store of Value Blockchain, open source and based on two levels with the aim of solving the scalability trilemma. The main problem that afflicts the most well-known blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Nervos design offers a secure blockchain through mining proof of work and a scalable and economical ecosystem open to infinite uses in level 2.

CKB (Common Knowledge Base)

This is made possible thanks to the blockchain protocol called CKB (Common Knowledge Base), its role is to be the fuel of the entire ecosystem. …

The title of this article is very interesting, how many of us are Twitter users and use it daily? What if we could get paid for our tweets?

Over the years, cryptocurrencies have seen a significant increase in social interest as well as economic value. projects have been born that struggle to emerge due to issues related to little marketing or the reduced budget available.

The Twitter community is very large and the idea of remunerating users who use certain hastaggs or keywords to promote the dissemination of a project or initiative is the brilliant intuition that the Scryptachain team…

Planum is an Open-source and permissionless Sidechain Layer that provides anyone with a clear interface with which to create, issue and track tokenized assets.

Planum is accessible via the following link

Thanks to this layer parallel to the Scrypta blockchain it will be possible to issue your tokenized resource, store it, manage it and protect it using the same blockchain network as IdaNode Scrypta.

Any tokenized asset will have its independent life cycle in a secure sidechain level operating through the Scrypta blockchain, and in the future it can be exchanged with LYRA and all other tokens.

Tokenization Concept

Tokenizing a…

Hello guys, you should do some research on $PHR #Phore, the project is a great decentralized solution to compete with the big names in online shopping like Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba.

Furthermore, for all $PHR Phore holders a new highly scalable 100,000 tps project will be distributed as an #airdrop #Graphene $GFN that opens up new frontiers and infinite use cases in the creation of smart contracts.

Check here the comparison with the main platforms that offer this service, such as Ethereum, Eos and Tron:

Great news, the Scrypta team has formalized the partnership with Tatum, born from an exchange in pure open-source philosophy where it helped to add Scrypta among the supported blockchains, Scrypta will further support Tatum in its development.

Tatum is an open source technology infrastructure that helps developers by making multiple blockchains available through a single library.
Scrypta is present inside the API and all developers can try it out, it’s really simple and straightforward!

The website is and the documentation can be found here:

stay tuned to Scrypta’s main social channels:


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