Planum is an Open-source and permissionless Sidechain Layer that provides anyone with a clear interface with which to create, issue and track tokenized assets.

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Planum is accessible via the following link

Thanks to this layer parallel to the Scrypta blockchain it will be possible to issue your tokenized resource, store it, manage it and protect it using the same blockchain network as IdaNode Scrypta.

Any tokenized asset will have its independent life cycle in a secure sidechain level operating through the Scrypta blockchain, and in the future it can be exchanged with LYRA and all other tokens.

Tokenization Concept

Tokenizing a real asset means digitizing it on the blockchain. Planum is a simple tool, which allows the digitization and conversion of anything into a digital resource supply. …

Hello guys, you should do some research on $PHR #Phore, the project is a great decentralized solution to compete with the big names in online shopping like Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba.

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Furthermore, for all $PHR Phore holders a new highly scalable 100,000 tps project will be distributed as an #airdrop #Graphene $GFN that opens up new frontiers and infinite use cases in the creation of smart contracts.

Check here the comparison with the main platforms that offer this service, such as Ethereum, Eos and Tron:

Great news, the Scrypta team has formalized the partnership with Tatum, born from an exchange in pure open-source philosophy where it helped to add Scrypta among the supported blockchains, Scrypta will further support Tatum in its development.

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Tatum is an open source technology infrastructure that helps developers by making multiple blockchains available through a single library.
Scrypta is present inside the API and all developers can try it out, it’s really simple and straightforward!

The website is and the documentation can be found here:

stay tuned to Scrypta’s main social channels:

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Scrypta is a public, decentralized and permissionless blockchain. Its consensus method is Proof of Stake (PoS), with an additional network of validators called Masternodes.

The Scrypta Foundation has developed, in this emergency phase deriving from the pandemic caused by Covid-19, contributes by releasing to the Municipality of Vizzini the free use of an innovative system, based on the Scrypta blockchain technology.

The system is based on the dematerialization and management of “shopping vouchers”, through the “tokenization” of solidarity vouchers. …

We are approaching a great event, that of the communication of details regarding the #airdrop of the new $GFN #Graphene token for all Phore $PHR holders, this is the official tweet of the team:

in fact the only way to receive the token will be to own $PHR, the team will reward all supporters of the project in this way.

No ICO or other form of funding is required for the realization of Graphene.

Graphene is an innovative #blockchain and will be able to offer incredible scalability, 100,000+ tps and a technology capable of safely and economically supporting all possible use cases which also include #DeFi. more info here:

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stay tuned for future developments

03/11/2020_ Phore featured on “Masternode Monday” by CryptoTube, check out the link below to see his analysis of Phore & Graphene!

19/11/2020_ Phore is featured in a ‘Top Altcoins for 2021’ video by Crypto Youtuber Melchionda Network; includes Marketplace review of the new Graphene project and Price considerations, check out his video to see why Phore is the first cryptocurrency on his list at:

21/11/2020_ The Phore trading competition on Crex24 is live!
Trade $PHR and Win $PHR
20 Prizes to be won!
Visit Crex24 and start trading!

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28/11/2020_ Welcome to Graphene…
-What is Graphene?
-A look at the Technology
Read a overview from the official Graphene medium account at

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Hi guys,
this is a brief update on the developments of the Phore and Graphene projects and a way to better prepare for the coming months.

Decentralized Marketplace to earn BTC
Solid foundations that allow you to earn bitcoins in an innovative way, in fact, thanks to the decentralized marketplace available in desktop or web version, it will be possible to sell digital content and objects by requesting payment in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This allows everyone to be able to accumulate BTC without using expensive mining equipment.

Graphene Airdrop
But the thing that most eagerly awaits will be the release of Graphene, in fact the ways to get it are a reward for the Phore community. Only $PHR holders will be eligible for the $GFN token airdrop. Graphene has also contributed to the development of ETH 2.0, in fact the Ethereum 2.0 developers have already used the code of the new Phore team project. …

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Hi guys, as you already know the Phore team is working on a new project, called Graphene.

Graphene will be an ecosystem accessible to all thanks to the low fees that currently make it impossible to use ethereum-based liquidity platforms due to excessive transaction costs that often exceed the amount that users with limited financial resources can invest.

But Graphene is not limited to this, thanks to the sharding technology it will have the ability to process 100,000+ tps without slowing down the network and dividing all types of transactions into dedicated shards. …

Dear Community,

The Phore Blockchain Team will host an AMA seesion with Blockchain Infinity. There will be for sure some great news and updates that you can’t miss. Join the AMA and make any questions you would like! Bellow you have all the details:

Date and Time: October 23 (11AM UTC)

Rewards: $100 PHR • 5 winners from twitter ($10 PHR each) • 5 winners from live segment ($10 PHR each)

Post your twitter questions Click here

Check Phore Blockchain official website

Rules for the AMA • Join: — Phore Blockchain Chat — Blockchain Infinity Chat

Hi guys I want to introduce you to Phore,

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Phore is a project with great potential, a decentralized marketplace ready to be used by the masses to make purchases in complete privacy and confidentiality without multinationals being able to use user information to enrich themselves and send invasive advertising conditioning purchases.


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